Education is not only a human right but also a basic need for child development. It is important to ensure that the society has access to quality education which is quintessential in achieving high and sustained rates of economic growth and poverty reduction.

Quality education provides an individual with the tools to unlock their intellectual and creative potential. Alongside quality education, we believe that active participation in co-curricular activities such as sports and the Arts remain the key to broadening an the perspective of an individual as well as imparting life skills on them.

Areas of concern:

Despite the positive strides that have been made in education, the education system is still facing numerous challenges. Poor infrastructure remains a huge challenge with some schools having nonexistent classroom facilities. Additionally due to poverty and extreme living conditions, some parents cannot afford to take their children to school despite the government 100% secondary school transmission directive.

Scholarship Program

In December 2019, the foundation established its maiden scholarship fund to assist needy students. We are pleased to announce that we were able to issue 7 student with full scholarships for their secondary education. It is particularly important to thank our Patron for the huge contribution and assistance and guidance during this entire process and the foundation remains committed to providing education opportunities to needy and vulnerable children.

Mentorship under the scholarship program

We are pleased with the initial success of the scholarship program under which successful applicants receive continued mentorship alongside the financial aid they receive towards their school fees. Over the midterm break, the students met the trustees as well as other notable speakers who will continually mentor the students throughout their high school education and beyond.

In particular, the students met with the Patron’s Mother; Reverend Mildred Ayiemba, Foundation Trustee The Honourable Justice David Majanja.

Focus Points

With the success of the scholarship fund for 2019, more effort will be put into the program.

  • Further, it is important to bridge the infrastructural gap that exists in schools with non-existent facilities.
  • The foundation also intends on investing heavily in co curricula activities such as the arts in order to facilitate the education of a holistic student balanced with skills inside the classroom and outside of it.