Environment and Wildlife

Kenya prides itself in its game reserves and natural environment supporting various ecosystems. With tourism being a key driver of the Kenyan economy, efforts to conserve the environment and wildlife must be intensified. Kenya has experienced extreme conditions from severe drought and famine to flooding and excessive rainfall. Whereas not much can be done to manipulate weather patterns, we believe that the effects of these adverse conditions can be mitigated by encouraging proper environmental conservation for the benefit of both human beings and wildlife.

Areas of concern:

Increased environmental degradation in the country has led to adverse effects of weather conditions. Deforestation of major forest areas has led to drought and famine whilst improper land use management and poor waste management has led to flooding and sanitary diseases such as cholera in the recent past.

Focus Points

  • Increasing conservation awareness efforts is important in wildlife conservation. The foundation intends on leveraging on sporting tournaments to pass around environmental conservation themes. Further, the foundation will invest in tree planting and environmental clean-up activities to enhance conservation.
  • Tree planting and sanitation.
  • The white rhino is an endangered species, the foundation is keen to work with likeminded organizations and institutions to raise awareness and protect these animals. Through the “Cycling with the rhinos” event, the foundation shall work with the Nakuru game park to raise funds to fence the park to ensure poachers are kept away from the park and animals.