There exists a huge infrastructural gap in the sporting environment in Kenya. Alongside inadequate sporting facilities in the country, there exists a huge skills gap in the development of athletes in Kenya. Despite producing excellent sports persons over the years, Kenya has vast potential to develop a sporting economy capable of attracting the best talents from across the world in addition to exporting its best talents to the world.

The patron through the foundation has recently acquired a bus that shall be donated Country Bus Football Club to be used jointly with the Muthurwa Boxing club.

The foundation hopes that this will ease the transport requirements on the sports persons in the area as well as grant them the opportunity to travel broadly to test their skills within and beyond the borders of the country. In order to bridge the skills gap between natural talent and sporting performance, positive steps must be taken to impact vital skills to young sporting professionals.

  • There is a need to work with sporting federations and associations such as the Kenya Secondary School Sports Association to add value addition training camps to young athletes and youth coaches.
  • There is also need to provide technical equipment such as football boots, gloves, hockey sticks, boxing gloves and other sport specific regalia to teams to enhance the performance and growth of the sports.